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About Employment with UW–Madison

The University of Wisconsin–Madison employs more than 16,000 people in nearly all types of occupations. Employment categories include instruction, research, administration, custodial, information technology, and health care, among many others.

Employees on campus have a wide range of backgrounds, resulting in a diverse campus environment that is an exciting place to work. These backgrounds encompass a range of specialized educational experiences, diverse origins, and affiliations. This is one of the many reasons UW–Madison's institutional reputation is recognized around the world. UW–Madison has the following types of employment:

Classified Staff
There are over 5,000 classified staff employees on campus, comprising approximately 30 percent of the campus workforce. Classified staff positions focus primarily on supporting education, research, and the campus infrastructure. If a position entails performing functions that are similar in nature to other positions in Wisconsin state government, the position is classified. These positions include accountants, administrative support associates, nurses, microbiologists, and custodians.

Academic Staff
These positions represent approximately 40 percent of the campus workforce and are the largest single group of employees at UW–Madison. Academic staff are directly involved with academic programming and research for the university along with the development of institutional policies. Positions include researchers, scientists, instructors, information technologists, and coaches.

The UW–Madison faculty includes more than 2,200 empolyees who are responsible for teaching and conducting research. Faculty members are responsible for teaching approximately 4,300 courses and conducting research in 1.8 million square feet of lab space. By state statute, the faculty is vested with the responsibility for governing the university, including the primary role of overseeing the campus's academic and educational activities.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison does not discriminate in its employment practices, programs and activities on a number of protected bases. Further information is available through the Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) website at